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3 Keyboard keys doest take or come back simultaneously

Cheng Luo

3 Keyboard keys doest take or come back simultaneously

My keyboard was replaced in UK becasue 3 keys "h" "g" and "cancel key" did not take every now and then, but funny thing is that it happened again after a few month replaced, nowadays seemly happen more and more often. I know it is not te problem of te keyboard at all, it is some where lose contact, I need to disccuss with professional persons, then I may ask some computer guy try to fix it. Can someone point out exact problem, and way to solve. Thanks! Cheng
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: 3 Keyboard keys doest take or come back simultaneously


Typically, this kind of symptom is caused by aloose or chafing cable between the keyboard and the electronics underneath.

It needs to be disassembled and the cabling needs to be carefully examined for signs of wear or strain. If you're EXTREMELY careful (or just a bit crazy, like me), you can try to run the machine while it's mechanically disassembled (but with all electrical/electronic connections made) and see if you can induce the failure by moving/wiggling things (it's not a very exact science).


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