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Re: 855C prints from DOS only

David Israel
New Member

855C prints from DOS only

My HP 855C cannot print from windows apps but can print from DOS. I removed
the printer in Windows 95 and tried reinstallling my original diskettes and a
downloaded version. Each time I get the message "The printer files or data
cannot be found or have been corrupted. Reinstall the HP printing software
disks that came with your printer". I also tried reinstalling Windows 95 and
upgrading to windows 98. Nothing has worked. I have 100MB free on my hard drive
so it does not appear to be a disk space issue.
Any ideas?
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: 855C prints from DOS only

Hi David,

This problem may occur if the SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI files are set to Read
Only. To solve this issue and reinstall the printer driver (again), change the
properties of the initialization files by following the steps below:

1. Select Start and Programs.
2. Select Windows Explorer.
3. Open the Windows Folder.
4. In the Contents of the Windows folder on the right side, locate and
highlight the SYSTEM.INI file.
5. Select File and Properties.
6. Under the General tab, remove the check mark in front of Read Only and
select OK. Archive should be the only option selected.
7. Locate and highlight the WIN.INI file and repeat steps 5 and 6.
8. Close all windows.
9. Try reinstalling the driver (again).

Please let me know if this works for you. I found this documented for another
DeskJet model but I'm thinking it may apply here as well.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
David Israel
New Member

Re: 855C prints from DOS only

Thank you so much!!! I have been struggling with this problem for 2 weeks and
was thisclose to buying a new PC today ($650 seemed worth my sanity). Now my
old 133 can keep on chugging.
It was the WIN.INI that was write protected. ( the message file corrupted or
missing is a bit extreme)
Once again thanks!