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ASR for no apparent reason.

Barney Grice
Occasional Visitor

ASR for no apparent reason.

Brand new Netserver LH3r running clean BDC installation of NT4 sp5, Norton
Anti-Virus v5, HP Local TopTools and Agents.
Server is crashing then coming back up under ASR, but there are no indicators
of the cause anywhere in NT Event Log, TopTools EventLog, Navigator diagnostics
or anywhere else.
I'm at a loss - anyone seen this behaviour before?
Gerard Laygui
Frequent Advisor

Re: ASR for no apparent reason.

You may want to check if you've got the latest version of Top Tools and have
the most up to date agents installed. You may also want to re-apply SP5 again.

Gerard Laygui, MCSE, CCNA
Barney Grice
Occasional Visitor

Re: ASR for no apparent reason.

HP Diagnostics produce a ticket with the two interesting following entries:

[Memory : Address Test]
Passed 0
Failed 0
Aborted 15
Skipped 0

[IDE : IDE CD Data Test]
Passed 0
Failed 1
Aborted 0
Skipped 0
0A06 Failed 1 Time(s)
0A04 Failed 1 Time(s)

Have applied latest patches and sp5 again, including aa full update of the IDE
driver (no longer using atapi.sys but a specific intel driver) yet still the
server is falling over and giving no indication why.

Any other ideas anyone?



Re: ASR for no apparent reason.

I've seen NT servers do this before. Three quick thing to do. 1) Remove any 3rd
party video drivers, they are notorious for corrupting core memory since nt 4.0
was released. Use the standard vga driver that comes with NT server. 2) If
possible try different ram in the box. Bad memory, and just because its new
does not mean its good, will reboot the sporadically. 3) Do a system backup and
install the latest service pack, that was SP6a the last time I check. When
doing a backup go to services and shut down all non-critical services. Also
when running the server only start needed services and slowly, every day or so,
start a new one until you find the one that crashes the box.