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Apparent Conflict w/Laserjet 2100 and Microsoft Project 2000

Devra Mallner
Occasional Visitor

Apparent Conflict w/Laserjet 2100 and Microsoft Project 2000

We have been getting the following illegal operation message while inputting data into Project 2000: "Exception 10H in module WINPROJE.EXE". Tech support for Microsoft claims it's a conflict with our HP 2100 and states that I need to make that printer a "local" printer which is impossible due to the fact that all our printers are networked (server uses Windows NT). Can anyone help? Is there a patch that I need to install?????
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Apparent Conflict w/Laserjet 2100 and Microsoft Project 2000

Hi Devra,

There might be an updated driver for the 2100 you could try. You didn't mention if this was a regular 2100, cse, etc or what operating system you are running so I can't give you the exact link to the latest drivers. Go to this page and select your model, then select drivers, then download the latest driver for your operating system.

Did this error just suddenly start or did you recently change something, install a service pack or SR for Office, add this printer, etc? I can't find any known issues on the HP side but updating the driver would be a good first step.

There was a similar issue with other printers (HP, Epson, etc) and Project, but the filename referenced was always the print driver filename. In the case of your error, it is pointing to the Project executable, not the print driver. If upgrading the print driver doesn't solve the problem, you might want to try removing and reinstalling Project / Office.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes