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Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

Occasional Advisor

Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

When I tried to load my Application Recovery Disks... I got an error as soon as I started my recovery. The error message was "Error 2 running command c:\hp\bin\hpbi\"



P.S. This thread has been moved from Microsoft > General to Windows 95/98/ME. -HP Forum Moderator

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

What are you trying to do?
Can you please describe the problem?
Valued Contributor

Re: Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

Pls elaborate on ur setup. & query


Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

"c:" ???

Sounds like a Windoze issue. Try posting your question in this category:,,116,00.html

We're HP-UX zealots here - you'll have better luck over in the MicroSoft forum.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Application CD error msg... "c:\hp\bin\hpbi"

Well, I tried to reinstall my Crystal Sound drivers from my Application Disks. I got the error C:\hp\bin\hpbi\ soon after it started to run and now it wont reinstall it.

I was trying to reinstall my sound drivers because my AIM program wouldn't work, but strangely all other programs work with sound. If someone can fix the AIM problem i will be happy thank you.

My aim sound doesn't work at all, i tried EVERYTHING, believe me, EVERYTHING, but if u have an idea please dont hesitate to tell me and ill judge to see if i did that or not.

Thank you. PLEASE ANSWER. I will give 10 points to anyone that solves this annoying problem. :-D