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Auto Adjustment in Progress refuses to go away.

Øystein Monsen
Occasional Contributor

Auto Adjustment in Progress refuses to go away.

Again, if I'm posting this in the wrong forum or anything, please forgive me.

I have a rather irritating problem.

That is, a white box with the words "Auto Adjustment in Progress" keeps popping up. Now, I thought it was spyware and launched a couple of spyware detectors(Spybot and Adaware, plus one more) to go get it. When this didn't work, I concluded that it was probably some kind of system bug.

Now, since this message doesn't have a conventional frame and places itself quite firmly in front of everything else, I reasoned that it was the screen itself causing the problem. Well, I googled it and found a solution for dell computers was to use the OSB button.

I tried. While I keep the OSB menu button down, the message doesn't appear, but neither does the OSB menu. This message pops up once I remove my finger from the button.

I expect I've done some quite basic mistake, but please, I need help. What should I do? My monitor is an HP L1940 desktop. I have temporarily solved the problem by lodging a battery between the keyboard and the OSB button, but I'd really prefer a 'real' solution.

Also, please, if it's not too much of a bother, do use layman's terms...
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Re: Auto Adjustment in Progress refuses to go away.

Sounds to me that it's a direct monitor issue.
Something with synchronization, I'm guessing.
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