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Battery of OmniBook-XE3

Cheng Luo

Battery of OmniBook-XE3

When I bought my notebook HP OmniBook XE3 it claimed that battery can hold for 2 hours. But In the first half year I think battery hold half hour each time. And recently it seems to hold only a few minutes. Recently it starts to shows 0% when just start to use!!!??? and I felt it cause bluse screen which has not bother me for a year. Now I just always take battery out. and never use it. Can someone explain a little? Thank you very much!

Rune J. Winje
Honored Contributor

Re: Battery of OmniBook-XE3

Just half an hour sounds a bit short.

If you are using the Omnibook XE3 with near 100% CPU all the time it could be correct... but minutes seem wrong.

In this case I would check if there is available some new BIOS for your Omnibook, perhaps with better charging-logic.

Normally the times quoted are quite optimistic, meaning you will only see those kind of times if using word-editing or similarl programs with low-cpu activity. If using the processor/disk/CD more intensively the usable time before recharge will drop to 50% or even 25% of the quoted times.

Rechargeable battery packs generally have a lifespan of 2-3 years or 500-1000 recharges before "dropping off" noticeably.

Based on your symptoms, it may also be possible that there is some hardware fault with your Omnibook, either in the charging circuitry or the external charger or even the batery-pack itself.

But do check if there is any new BIOS available first and also check (if Intel processor) that Intel Speedstep is active in the BIOS settings.

Cheng Luo

Re: Battery of OmniBook-XE3

Dear Rune,

Thank you very much!

Yes! it was about half hour when we used for DVD or VCD to watch movie. I believe most porbably the battery is not good any more. The best way to check out is to use an new battery to test. Do you think any other battery which I can put in will be ok? my battery mark: HP F2024A lithium-Ion battery module. DO you know the price in general? Are they expensive?

Probably BIOS setting is also incorrect. But I dont have knowledge to command it.

By the way Do you know anything about blue screen? My computer monitor get the blue screen not often, but it happens several times
I set in hiliberate model, I wonder if blue screen can be caused by bad battery?



John Yu_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Battery of OmniBook-XE3

The battery is probably dying. Sometimes this is because you run the notebbok with A/C alot.

You may want to try to run battery optimizer on it. You're also getting blue screen because the weak battery is causing the notebook to come up in a corrupt state from hibernation.

BTW, should list the price of a new battery - you can request a part swap if it's still under warranty. Otherwise you can check ebay or pricewatch for prices.

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