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Brio BA500 Slows Down

Nicholas Lee
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Brio BA500 Slows Down

I have a BA500 which slows down to a point where it looks like it has stopped functioning but you can see that the HDD light is on and you can hear the HDD rattling away.

I have a clone PC (P166) with similiar hardware setup and software, and it works very much faster that the Brio.

My h/ware is 32mb ram, 4.3gb hdd and cel 500mhz.

Any suggestions?

PS. I have taken another 32 from another ba500 and made it 64mb but still the same symptoms.
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Re: Brio BA500 Slows Down

I would run a thorough scandisk see if that brings back any errors. Then if possible take the Hard Drive from the 166 or the other Brio put it in the promblematic Brio and see if the problem goes away. You can do the same for the memory and any other peripheral. just make sure you only change one thing at a time.

I have a feeling you have corrupted portion of your disk or the disk is about to go bad.

Dennis Ng
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Re: Brio BA500 Slows Down

Hi there,
Yes, same advise. Do a thorough scandisk. If scnadisk keeps "restarting" then an anti-virus program is running or a program in the tray. Close them and try again.

Still nothing? If you can get hold of Norton Utilities, run their disk doctor and speed disk tool.

Basically, it's good if you can reinstall your Operating System - i presume it's Win95. You have another system right? So copy over all your data, then do the ultimate of rebuilding your PC again. If that's the case, you may want to consider buying a new PC and getting at least Win98SE.

Depending on your needs. Basically save out all your data to the other PC. Then at least you're "protected".

Im from Msia too.

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