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Re: CD-Writer M820e in DOS

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CD-Writer M820e in DOS

I'm trying to make an HP M820e CDRW drive accessable in DOS on a Sony VAIO C1VN. The drive is SCSI and comes with a KME (Panasonic) SCSI PCMCIA card. When I load the supplied DOS drivers in config.sys and boot, I get an error on each driver load (3 of them) that "Card Not Inserted" or "Card Information Not Found" or "Card Manager Not Installed." All I can think is that the PCMCIA controller needs its own DOS drivers? It's a Ricoh Rl5C475, according to WinME. I can't find any info on this device anywhere. Anybody have any ideas how to get this all working? There was an earlier post in Nov. from someone who claimed to get it working (included his config.sys settings), but I obviously haven't been able to duplicate his success. Thanks.
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Re: CD-Writer M820e in DOS


m820e is identical basically to the ricoh mp8040se.

try using the dos drivers from ricoh.