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CLIENTS don't get nothing from SUS SERVER

Nuno Miguel_1
Frequent Advisor

CLIENTS don't get nothing from SUS SERVER

I've set 2 clients test computers to get updates from an internal SUS Server.

It appears to do nothing. There are updates the clients need and they are available on the server but, they can´t get anything?

Whats the problem?

Do I have to install UrlSan?

Is Urlscan really needed?

Thanks, Nuno
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: CLIENTS don't get nothing from SUS SERVER


I can't tell if you intentionally started a new thread about this or if you simply inadvertently clicked NEW MESSAGE rather than REPLY in the previous thread. I can tell you that you'll get better results if you keep everything together in a single thread. Here's the link to your previous thread:


You could, if you wanted, cut and paste your message from this thread into the previous thread. Each time you or someone else posts to the thread, it will be moved to the top of page 1, so it won't get lost.

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Make a great day!