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Colorado 20g drive on NT Server - How?

Josh Gerber
Occasional Visitor

Colorado 20g drive on NT Server - How?

I bought an internal ATAPI/IDE HP Colorado 20g tape drive from a reseller who
didn't bother to indicate it wouldn't come with NT Server drivers - just that
it worked with 95/98/NT.

I have tried a manual install of the "HP Colorado IDE" driver that was included
on the software disk with the drive, but it will not start (this solution was
also indicated in the unmoderated user forum by an HP technician).

I am temporarily running with the Microsoft QIC-157 driver, and the drive is
recognized by my backup software (Veritas BackupExec), but I suspect it won't
be fully functional.

Any other recommendations?

Scholten Derek
Occasional Advisor

Re: Colorado 20g drive on NT Server - How?

Try downloading and installing the latest service pack from Microsoft for
WinNT4.0 hopefully it will have incorporated the fix for this already. If you
had the latest service pack already installed when you added the tape drive try
reinstalling it again. The service pack only affects hardware that already
installed on the system at the time you install it, you need to reinstall the
service pack every time you install a new piece of hardware.