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Conflicting IP Address - complicated

Kumar Sivaraman
Occasional Visitor

Conflicting IP Address - complicated

This is on a home PC - HP Pavilion. There was this typical click on the OK button to an unknown error ("something like HP decoder or like that") and after this my cable modem connection was off. I renewed my IP address and restarted the computer. Now, after the virus scan before Windows starts up I get a networking error msg: " The following error occured while loading Protocol number 1. Error 59: A network error has occurred". At this time I cannot connect to any website. There is some background activity and after 2-3 minutes I get another msg: System has detected a conflict for IP nn.nn.nnn.nn with the system having hardware address nn:aa:nn:nn:nn:aa". After this I can connect to the Internet! WHy is this happening? I have checked with my cable provider and confirmed that there is no actual duplication of IP address.. Should I remove and restore the Ethernet and TCPIP adapters? How do I do it from the recovery disk? Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Conflicting IP Address - complicated


First U change ur IP address and see that whether error is diappearing or not? If it is disappearing then it clearly IP conflict only.

One more thing U can do is shutdown ur PC and go to another PC which is connected to same network, and then ping to the conflicting IP address. If it is pinging then there is another machine with this same IP address on the same network. I hope this is very easy to find out.

Best of luck

John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: Conflicting IP Address - complicated

You probably only have one computer hooked up to the cable modem.

What may have happened is that you have duplicate protocols installed on the ethernet driver.

You should be able to boot to safe mode. Remove the ethernet adapter from the software configuration, and restart your machine. It should reinstall the adapter and you will need to put back in the settings it had. Refer to the info that the cable guy gave you when it was installed.

You should not have to use the recovery disk.
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