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Connecting Win2K Hosts to Samba shares.

Jim Adamson
Frequent Advisor

Connecting Win2K Hosts to Samba shares.

Can anyone help with a WIN2K/Samba problem.

When we try and map a win2k host pc to a networked samba share on a unix or linux samba host we are asked for a user name and password. When the userid and password are entered access to the share is granted. When we connect a win95 or 98 host to the same samba share access is granted straight away without having to enter userid/password details.

We have set the win2k pc to use plaintext passwords. The samba logs show that it is something to do with Userid authentication. What else do we have to do at the samba or pc end to stop this annoying problem?
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Tommy Palo
Trusted Contributor

Re: Connecting Win2K Hosts to Samba shares.

Are you using a password server ? and the option security = server in the samba globals.
Is there any difference between the win2k and win95/98 in the domain ?
Do you have all the accounts on the samba server (/etc/passwd or local samba password file) ?

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