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D-Link phone NIC card

Greg Hommel
Occasional Visitor

D-Link phone NIC card

I have a HP Pavilion running Win98. When I try to install the card in the pc,
it locks up before it even gets past the POST. Can you give me a clue as to
why? It makes no sense that no other computers are experiencing this problem
and a pc as reputable as an HP is.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: D-Link phone NIC card

Hi Greg,

It sounds like you might have a hardware or BIOS problem. I'm not sure if that
card is supported in the Pavilion or not and I don't know what model Pavilion
you have. Your question could probably be better answered in the appropriate
Pavilion forum. You can post a message to them by clicking in the blue box on
the right side of the Microsoft forum - click HP User Community Site under
"Other HP Forums" and then follow the prompts for Pavilion's.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes