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D5013A Drivers


D5013A Drivers

Anybody knows where can i find the HP D5013A Driver,i want to use with the Operating system DOS
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: D5013A Drivers

The latest drivers are at the following web page:


Unfortunately, they do NOT include DOS drivers. Good luck!
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Re: D5013A Drivers

Thks Roger,
But we need to install Windwos NT by using the network installation.
To do it we need the NOS DOS Driver for D5013A.
or the HPTX.DOS file.
could you help me
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: D5013A Drivers


There are no HP DOS drivers available for the D5013 network card. The card is designed to work in HP Netservers and you would typically install NT from the Netserver Navigator CD and have no need to do a network install.

Do you have a NetServer? Is there some reason you can't do the install from the NetServer Navigator?

If you don't have a Netserver or must install via the network, your only other option for a DOS driver is to check the Microsoft and/or Intel websites for an Intel Pro 100 DOS driver. That driver would probably work with this card if you can find it. HP does not have a DOS driver for this network card. If you still can't find a driver from Microsoft or Intel, you could try downloading the generic lan drivers from the page below. Then read the section on OS2. You could potentially create your own protocol.ini file and driver file based on the information in the other.txt readme file (in the driver download) but you would be on your own if you decide to try that. Just thought I would mention it if you're really in a bind.


Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Franco Cenati
Valued Contributor

Re: D5013A Drivers


unzip the attached file to disc.
Once expanded to floppy, will let you boot DOS with the driver working with D5013A/B so you will be able to connect to a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 share using the TCP/IP protocol.

You will have to modify the file where the TCP/IP address is specified. Check the *.ini file and autoexec.bat

Use the command copydisk.exe dos_ip_1.dsk a: to expand the file dos_ip_1.dsk over a formatted floppy put in drive a:
I used this floppy to connect to a computer then I transferred the disk image from network using ghost or ImageBlaster.

For any problem put another reply.
Evan Splett
Occasional Visitor

Re: D5013A Drivers

The attached Zip file appears
to be corrupt. If anyone can send it to me it would be appreciated.

Evan Splett
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: D5013A Drivers

Jamie had a good suggestion.

It appears that the D5013A is the Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 card in disguise.

Use the eepro100 driver.

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