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Re: DL 385 G5p teaming

Dru Vinton
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DL 385 G5p teaming

Have set up and installed Win 2008 64-bit on DL 385 G5p. Attempting to team network connections 1 and 2. When I run the HP team config utility, none of the network connections appear. Have loaded latest NC382i multifunction server drivers from HPs web site and also latest firmware. Still nothing showing up in HP team config utility.

Any ideas?
Dan Robinson_4
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Re: DL 385 G5p teaming

Running any Firewall software?

I vaguely remember the last place I worked we had to turn off the Trend Firewall that comes with OfficeScan before the NICs would come up properly inside Teaming Util.

Open the properties of the NIC in the normal Windows Network area and look at what items are bound to the NIC. If you have anything thats not straight from MS in there, that could be the problem.