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Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

Tina Chen
Occasional Visitor

Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

Hello to all:

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me if there is a working driver for Deskjet 722c using with Windows 2000. When I tried to install the driver (v10.0) that comes with the CD, I encountered the following error messages.

1. Error 11: Unable to add printer driver "HP DeskJet 720C Series v10.0"
2. Error 10: Unable to add printer "HP DeskJet 720C Series v 10.0"
3. Error 07: Registry update faild for key "HPCFileName"
4. Error 07: Registry update failed for key "Printer Model Name"

I have also tried downloaded the newest version (v10.3) for Windows NT from HP's website. However, during the installation, I still got the same error massages. (Yes, I did uninstall the driver before I install v10.3.)

Finally, I gave up and installed the default printer driver that comes with Windows 2000. Luckily, I can get the printer to print but the computer itself keeps finding the new hardware whenever it reboots.

Please help! Thank You.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

10.3 works with Win 2000 SP2.

Are you using an IEEE 1284 compliant printer cable? Do you have the CMOS set to allow the correct parallel port standard. Usually ECP but check your printer manual.
EPP/ECP is also common.

Also look at:


Tina Chen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

Hi Ron:

I am using IEEE 1284 compliant printer cable to connect the printer to my computer. I set the CMOS to ECP. It was originally set it to EPP. However, this still does not solve the problem.

My printer is not connected to another device but I still tried to see if disabling bidirectional communication would work. Therefore, I re-loaded the driver that comes with the CD. (Error messages still come up) When I tried to uncheck "Bidirectional communication" and "Launch toolbox when Printing (if available)" in the HP Deskject Configuration window, both are greyed out. Does this mean anything to you?

Moreover, do you know if there is a working HP722C driver for Windows 2000?

Thank you.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

10.3 does work with windows 2000 as long as you have service pack 2. If you don't have service pack 2 there is a work around (probably one of several that you need):


But you really ought to get SP2. Go to

and click on

Product Update.

It will look at your computer and tell you what you need and offer to let you download it. Lots of reboots in front of you but the end product is a more stable system with fewer bugs.


Rob Rizzipio
Occasional Contributor

Re: Deskjet 722c & Windows 2000

I am trying to install a DeskJet 722C under Windows 2000 Professional. I have all service packs and updates isntalled.

The printer installs fine using the 722C driver that is built into Windows 2000. But the next time you reboot the computer. The printer gets redetected, even though it is installed and working already. So I have to Cancel out 3 times, until I can continue to use windows after a reboot.

Why would it be redetected when its installed and working already.

I even tried a clean isntall of Windows 2000 Professional and it still did the same thing.

Also tried a different Parallel Cable, that didn't fix the problem. I never had this problem under Windows 98SE.