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Disk Recovery question...

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Disk Recovery question...

My problem is simple. I have an HP Pavilion PC and I need to format it. I don't have the disks so I click start and search "recovery" and the first thing that pops-up is "Recovery Dick Creation". So I click that, it tell me about creating disks and I hit I hit "next" and it says "The Recovery partition could not be found. Exit PC Recovery and contact HP support." I can't find any answers. I have Compaq recovery CDs but I don't thinks those will work. So please help. :c
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Re: Disk Recovery question...

A new HP Psvillion computer will have two partitions on the hard disk. C: contains the operating system, and the D: is the recovery partition. If your recovery partition has been corrupted or deleted or used for 'storage' then you cannot make recovery CD's. The recovery CD's should be for the EXACT model of your computer, so your Compaq ones indeed will not work.
Yes, you should contact HP support and order and pay for a set of recovery CD's for your exact model (if they are still available).
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