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Downloaded driver: "Cannot Write Directory" error

Downloaded driver: "Cannot Write Directory" error

I am trying to set up my notebook to print to an HP 612 DeskJet printer. The HP website said to download their file (dj615en.exe), copy it to hard drive, and open it. It should expand and start installation, HOWEVER, when I open this file, I get the error message:

"dj610-9x-English Cannot write directory".

I am precluded from going any further. Any clues as to how to install this driver?

Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Downloaded driver: "Cannot Write Directory" error

Hello Arthur,

I'm not sure what is causing that error. Where did you place the file you downloaded? Are you out of or running low on disk space on that drive/partition? Also, double check the file size downloaded and make sure it matches the exact file size on the download page just in case the download didn't complete successfully. Other than that, you may have to call the printer support group at 208-323-2551 and ask them if they know why you get that error when installing the driver.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes

Re: Downloaded driver: "Cannot Write Directory" error

The file was placed in a D: drive, "download" folder. I have placed a number of other files here. There is plenty of available HDD space.

File size downloaded from HP and size copied to HDD are exactly the same.

Thanks for the telephone link to the printer support group.