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Error 52 on printer HP LaserJet IIIp

Occasional Visitor

Error 52 on printer HP LaserJet IIIp

Reccntly my printer (HP LaserJet IIIp) refiuse to print. Befor printing evrything its all right, but when it shoud print printer doesn't take paper and write error 52.
What is wrong witn it? Is it somthing what i can do it to to myself?
Sorry on my Ehglish, I houpe You anderstand me.
Thenks in the future.
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Error 52 on printer HP LaserJet IIIp

From HP's documentation page for the IIIp:

52 Error - A temporary error has occurred.

Power cycle the printer. On some models pressing the Continue button on the control panel will resume operation.

If the error persists, it could indicate an issue with the scanning assembly. Contact a dealer or HP Service Technician.


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Bruno Ganino
Honored Contributor

Re: Error 52 on printer HP LaserJet IIIp

When a print job is sent, paper doesn't pick up and a 52 error is displayed on the LCD panel.

The scanner motor is not spinning up to the correct speed. This problem can only be fixed by replacing the scanner motor.

Solution: Replace the necessary parts

See also here


Torino (Turin) +2H

Re: Error 52 on printer HP LaserJet IIIp

I agree with Bruno's diagnosis. Scanner motor repair kit is also available from (USA) for $49.95 + postage. This includes a very helpful explanatory video. They do export, I am in the UK and bought the same kit from them - very good. Cheers.
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