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Execl problem

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Execl problem

I get error when execl application open error are as follow

Cannot use object link & embedding microsoft Execl

After this other error occour
EXECEL.exe-Application error
"The instruction at 0x30050 ceb" refrenced memory at 0x00000196.the memory could not be read

after this one cmd based file run like as

After that execl application close

I reinstlled Ms-office and Lotus Notes both

Plz help me
Radhakrishnan Venkatara
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Re: Execl problem


Question is posted in a wrong forum.Please look into microsoft forums for help.

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Re: Execl problem

Hi deepak:

Deepak there seems to be a problem with main executable file of excel.exe thats being copied from the CD to your harddisk. Are you trying to install excel from original office CD. I would also like to suggest that try to uninstall lotus notes and then microsoft office and after uninstall restart ur pc and install only microsoft office and not lotus notes. Hope this should solve your problem.
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Ron Kinner
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Re: Execl problem

The last bit is easy. QNC.exe is just the Apple Debugger running. It's installed by Lotus Notes and replaces DrWatson. If it is not running correctly it needs a file called MSVCRT20.DLL located in your System32 folder (under Winnt or Windows) depending on your operating system. See


for how to turn it off or set DrWatson as the default debugger.

The first part sounds like old Win95 behavior. Is that your operating System? Need to know which operating system and which version of office you have.

Do you get the error when you open Excel first and then File/Open a file or just when you click on a spreadsheet file to open it?

Did you install some other software or a windows update just prior to this problem showing up?


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Re: Execl problem

Thanks ron