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.FBW won't un pack

Lynda Davis
Occasional Visitor

.FBW won't un pack

I know this has been posted and talked about and even HP has officially acknowledged the problem with a fix.... HOWEVER...
I've got the two file problem. one backup.001.exe and one backup.002.fbw
I HAVE done, every fix in the 'book'.
I've added zeros, I've taken zeros away. I've tried in safe mode and regular. I've tried on my Compaq HP C700 notebook running Vista and I've tried on my desktop pc running windows XP.
I've tried putting the files on one disk and then tried them on 2 disks. I've tried from my C drive, from my 8g flash drive and from DVDs. NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!
The program goes as far as waiting for Disk 1 to be inserted, then doesn't recognize the file and ejects the dvd.
Look, I'm very desperate, income tax time is coming and I have all the files for all the people I do taxes for stuck in a backup not too mention the files for a local newspaper that I'm layout editor for.
Do I have to bring this to an expert or is there really a solution to the problem.
I would appreciate any and all help. Please don't tell me to re-read posts that I have been scowering for the last two weeks day in and day out. I've done my research and still no files.
Occasional Advisor

Re: .FBW won't un pack

Hi Lynda!!
Plz try this...!!!

You will see your backup folder with 2 files --
1 - [fileName].1
2 - [fileName].2.fbw

Click on Backup.1, click next UNTIL you get the window with the file types with a check in the box next to each file. Uncheck all boxes except one, (you will need to do this for each file type until you have restored all your files).

Click Next until it starts to download the file. DO NOT attempt to open the Backup.2.fbw file. It will not work ever. Renaming it doesn't work in this instance -- it only works after the file is extracted and you are still having problems.

Do revert back to me if u still have any problems.

Ping me for any queries with XP\Vista
Lynda Davis
Occasional Visitor

Re: .FBW won't un pack

I've done what you said and the screen stays on 'Please insert the disk #1' and never gives me the 'next' button.