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Failover NIC Cards for HP Netserver

Preston Rohrick
Occasional Visitor

Failover NIC Cards for HP Netserver

I have an HP Netserver and I would like to install a redundant network card
solution. Is there a product available for my HP Netserver to enable me to do
If so, what is it and where do I find it?

My definition of Failover NIC:
If one NIC fails, the other takes over with identical configuration.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Failover NIC Cards for HP Netserver

Hello Preston,

I think you want to look for NICs that support Adaptive Fault Tolerance or
Adapter Teaming. The HP 10/100 NIC (D5013A) with the latest drivers from the
HP website, should be able to do this. We also have a white paper called Fault
Tolerant Adapters that has some good info in it.

To get the latest driver for the D5013A, go here:

To get the Technical Paper, go to this link and click on Fault Tolerant

I hope that helps you out.

Jamie Hughes