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Find installed software

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Heiner E. Lennackers
Respected Contributor

Find installed software


does anyone have an idea how to find out what software is installed on a Windows98/2000/XT machine? I am looking for a method to read the "Install/Remove Programs" information from a batch job or an ActivePerl script.

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Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Find installed software

I think you have to read it from the registry.;en-us;Q244675

Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Find installed software

Read from the registry at location:


DisplayName and UninstallString are the main values you may need.

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Re: Find installed software

There is a free program available at

This program gives a very detailed listing of all software on your system. It will also provide hardware information.

Olav Kappert
IOMIT International
(HP Application Development Specialist)

Re: Find installed software

I have and I did a
search-search by type-files
ending in exe. or app. or
whatever.gave me a list of 800
or so. good luck,
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