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Jailson mendes
Occasional Visitor


what is frimware?

I have a CD-RW HP 7200i, my OS Windows2000.

My CD-RW stop to burn when install windows2000, somebody else would help me.


Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Firmware

Hello Jailson,

The firmware for the 7200i and Windows 2000 hasn't been released yet. When it
is released, you will need version 3.01 for the 7200i but should not need an
updated driver. Please check the link below for more information and updates.
You'll need to check the link again later to get updates or click on Drivers
from the main HP page and you can select the firmware for your product.

Also note at the link below you will need an upgrade for Easy CD Creator or
Direct CD. The page below should have all the info you need.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Katherine J. Ross
Occasional Visitor

Re: Firmware

I am having the same problems. W2K eval read the 7200i for installation however cannot see the CD now that it W2K is installed.

HCL does not list 7200i (wondering how some of you others got it to work??)

I did the firmware thing and it requested I add new drivers ... sooo I tried that only to get the 'unable to detect CD-Writer software which includes support files required by this program' then it goes on to list steps to get to custom installation menu... problem is when I placed the software CD into my 'working machine' I cannot find these 'steps' I think the software must be installed to get to em!

So how am I to install with CDR hw if CDR hw is inassessable? :(
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware


Please see the following URL which gives info on contacting the 7200 team by phone or email. They will need to help you update the firmware and drivers for W2K.

Jamie Hughes