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FrontPage 2000 mess with Office 97 & Win 98

David T. Darnell
Valued Contributor

FrontPage 2000 mess with Office 97 & Win 98

I have been having problems after installing Frontpage 2000 to Win 98 (or Win 95) with a full Office 97 installation. Under Win 98, task/start bar is dead but all else works. Under Win 95, got all kinds of system degredation, missing system files, can't start comctl32, etc.

Is there some kind of compatability issue?


Mike Rightmire
Frequent Advisor

Re: FrontPage 2000 mess with Office 97 & Win 98

I have not heard of any compatibilty issues with FP2000, but that does not mean there are not any.

Have you gone to and updated your Windows since the install? Also, go to (in 98) Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information. Then start the System File Checker (From the Tools option) and re-extract the comctl (and any other files) with which you might be having difficulty.

One thing I have done in the past is to use the system file checker to "update" all the changed files BEFORE a sftwr install, then I install the sftwr, then go back to System File checker and extract any files which were changed by the install.

This has both worked and failed miserably in the past. If the changed file was simply updated, but FP2000 will work with the old file (in this example) then it would work fine. If the newly installed sftwr NEEDS the changes it made to the file, then extracting the file back to its original version will allow the OS to work, but screw up the program just installed. It is a toss up, but worth a last ditch try.

Don't forget to go to the MS knowledge base online to see if there is a specific issue with this.
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David T. Darnell
Valued Contributor

Re: FrontPage 2000 mess with Office 97 & Win 98

After finally getting a clean install of Frontpage 2000, everything started working OK. This is under a fresh install of Win/98 to an empty drive. I had similar problems under '95.

It seems that problems under both OS's were caused by (1) hung installs of Frontpage leaving the system in an improper state, and (2) failure of the Frontpage Install process's "Repair Frontpage" option.

Thanks for your help.