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HOWTO install 3 ethernet cards on LH3

Lou Weitian
Occasional Visitor

HOWTO install 3 ethernet cards on LH3

We have a HP LH3 need to install 3 PCI ethernet cards. It has 8 PCI slot. I
have installed 2 HP 10/100 BaseTX cards in slot 1 and 3 respectively(from top
to bottom), but the 3rd card (3com 905B Tx) didn't work. If I added it to slot
2 or 7, the OS (WINNT 4.0, SP4) even crashed after I login. If add to slot 4,
the system can startup, but the card didn't work. I have tried serveral PCI
configuration in BIOS setup, it couldn't work still. When I called the techinal
support center of HP in Beijing, the engineer told me that he had no such
experience to install 3 cards, so he couldn't help me.

But this is really very important to my current project. Please do me a fevor.



Re: HOWTO install 3 ethernet cards on LH3

You may need to swapp the cards a little to see what is the cause of the

I will suggest to remove the HP vsrds, put the 3com in and see if it works.
Then I will record its setting (also via the diagnostic tools of WNT). There
may be a clash of resources between all these cards.
Ng Jomon
Occasional Advisor

Re: HOWTO install 3 ethernet cards on LH3

Please check your HP Navigator CD come with your server, the readme file
contain some instruction regarding 3c905-TX running pm LH PRo / LH3 & LH4.

My suggestion to u is using the same type of card on the same server, instead
of different brand, else it will cause u a lot of trouble.

By the ways, for your info, Intel card is having some special furture on the
NIC which 3Com didn;t provide on it. So go for Intel or 3com, don't mix them