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Re: HP 6640C

New Member

HP 6640C

I am raher upset with the combo sound card/modem.. The moden can not be used in
DOS, nor can the sound card I was big into my games untill I had a problem
where they could not use the sound crad or modem! I cant use a HYBREED. I also
am not all that happey with the Keybord manager that will not let me unslect
AOL even though I nolonger use them or have AOL on my system. I have also added
a few things to the system like Fly Vido/Radio PCI card,UMAX scaner, and a
HP612C Printer that has a toal free number to call for support unlike the
Computer that is one of my biggest grips with my HP system.

Regular Advisor

Re: HP 6640C

Hi Andrew,

It sounds like you're having some issues with your Pavilion computer. Your
problems could be better addressed if you posted a question in the Pavilion
User Forum since it sounds like you're talking about hardware problems. I'll
include the link for you below. Just click on Enter and then follow the links
for your product.

Do you have a specific question with your Operating System or Microsoft
Application? If so, please post your question here along with the specifics,
such as, what Operating system and version, any service packs, Microsoft
application and version, etc.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes