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Re: HP 7980 Tape Reader

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HP 7980 Tape Reader

How can I get it to work on a Windows 2000 Professional System. The system recognizes the drive. It shows up in device manager as an HP 88780 SCSI Sequential but it has a yellow exclamation indicating a problem. It has been set up as SCSI ID 0 and the SCSI Controller runs other SCSI Drives fine. There does not seem to be a driver installed. I tried downloading the HP Library Tape Toolkit and it doesn't support the device.

Does Anyone know what will?

Thank you
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Re: HP 7980 Tape Reader

Sorry, but that tape drive originally went SCSI in 1992. It seems that the words Microsoft and HP7980 are non sequitors.

Sorry, I could offer no more.
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Re: HP 7980 Tape Reader

Dear Sir, Could You help me please to buy a one HP7980 tape Reader?, Where can find the one?Do You know web addressed? As a last question, does it Your HP7980 product support 800 NRZI density setting?
Thank You

Re: HP 7980 Tape Reader


Sorry to tell you, but the 7980 does not do 800BPI. Furthermore, it is no longer sold. Reel-to-reel tape drives seem to have become obsolete in every sense of the word.