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HP CD Re-Writer

Mark Treen_1

HP CD Re-Writer

Hi All

I have a question regarding the above.... hope this is the right place to ask....... has anyone experience of problems writing music to the device and/or it reading music files in say Media Player.

The device shows in MY COMPUTER and indeed I can copy any archive except music. Have checked drivers and patches and this all seems OK............any ideas??

Cheers Mark
Mark Treen
Regular Advisor

Re: HP CD Re-Writer

hi mark

we are a little thin on info here.

we need,
opperating system
burning s/ware
model of burner/is it new
have you done any/new updates on the web for the a. burner b. windows c. burning s/ware
has it worked b4
will it see any other disks.

if it will only not see music there could be an associate problem ie someone could have said open music with word or something like that.
after more info

see u later

Mark Treen_1

Re: HP CD Re-Writer

Hey Mal

Thanks for replying!!!!!!

As you wish:-

Windows 98Se
Model is HP930i
Burning Software is the default (Adeptec)
All drivers updated via HP Website
Worked ok before
Will only not see music files...... all other formats OK and will burn files except music (mp3, wav blah blah)


Mark Treen
Mark Treen_1

Re: HP CD Re-Writer

Closing thread
Mark Treen