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Christian Sao
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HP Deskjet

The problem that I am having is within a specific DLL. My user's OS is Win98SE.
What the user is trying to do is print from a program that resides on the
network. When the user tries to print he/she receive the following error:
An error has occured in your program. To keep working click ignore and save
your work in a new file. To quit this program click close, you will loose
information you entered since your last save.
After clicking ignore several time a new error appears.
This program has preformed an illegal operation and will be shutdown. (click
HPFPEM14 caused a general prtection eror in module HPFC1614.DLL at

From then on the user is not able to continue printing unless they reboot the
workstation. I have deleted all the drivers form the unit and reinstalled but
problem still persists.
Jamie Hughes_1
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Re: HP Deskjet

Hello Christian,

You didn't mention what model DeskJet you have but I think I found an article
that describes your current problem and a fix for it. I'll include the URL for
you below.

Basically, you have to uninstall and reinstall the driver again, BUT, you must
NOT go into the Port Settings in the Printer Properties after reinstalling the
driver or the GPF will return. It appears that once you go into the Port
Settings, the GPF will continue until you reinstall the driver again.

Give this a try and see if it fixes your problem. If not, you should post a
message in the DeskJet User Forum for more information. The error you're
getting is coming from the driver and not from the OS. The DeskJet User
Community Forum is at http://forum.support.hp.com.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes