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HP Pavilion 6640c new CDRW's reboot when accessed

Christy Cage
Occasional Visitor

HP Pavilion 6640c new CDRW's reboot when accessed

WIN98, no CDRW software installed

A client's HP Pavilion 6640c reboots whenever a new CDRW is accessed. I've installed two different brands of CDRW and the same result.

I have used as master and slave. I have used as primary ide and secondary.

The drive is recognized in the software. A generic CompUSA model No. CW 5205 was tried and a Verbatim and a HP LG 8083B. All with the same response.

A regular non RW drive has worked well enough to upgrade from Win 98 to 2000. (oops spoke to soon, it is now rebooting)

Any ideas?

At this point I do not believe it is anything to do with software, maybe motherboard issues. Even when you just have a cd in one of the drives and you press the space bar to boot from the drive, it reboots machine.

Thank you.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Pavilion 6640c new CDRW's reboot when accessed


A long shot would be to try this IDE driver from the chipset manufacturer (SiS):

Other than that, I would open up the case and look for heat/airflow problems. Fans can stop or slow down and dust can restrict airflow by blocking/partially blocking vent holes in the case, power supply or bezel (the plastic cover on the front of the case). There is typically a fan on the processor and one in the power supply. Sometimes there are additional fans on the front or rear of the case, on the chipset, or on the video card.


Make a great day!

Christy Cage
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Pavilion 6640c new CDRW's reboot when accessed

Thank you for your input, but case is open and fans are all working properly.

I made the mistake of trying to do the Win2000 upgrade before resolving the problem (thinking the upgrade would fix the rebooting). Now I cannot finish the upgrade to try the different video driver.

I had partitioned the drive into two drives, so my next step is to pop out the drive and install it in a working computer. Then I will copy all of the I386 folder from Win2000 to the 2nd partition, so I can then finish the 2000 installation. If that works I will try your driver change.

Thanks again.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Pavilion 6640c new CDRW's reboot when accessed

Doubt it is the problem but there is a firmware patch for your LG 8083B.

The only other HP upgrade that even remotely looks possible is a new driver for the floppy:

You should probably go into Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery and tell it to Write an event to the log file and Write debugging information Small Memory Dump if 98 has that option. (I have 2K so it might not work on yours) and
then check the Event Viewer for messages which might explain what is happening.

Following are long shots:;en-us;189526;en-us;235859;en-us;132882;en-us;139428;en-us;188165

Have you changed out the cable?

Is the power supply up to the task?

Does it look ok in the BIOS?