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HP Wireless Mgr

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HP Wireless Mgr

My Friend Has A Compaq Presario 2100 With Windows XP Home Edition. When I Start The Laptop It Takes Forever At The Welcome Screen Then Shows His Desktop But No Icons Or Taskbar Are Shown You Can’t Right Click The Desktop Either. \-Don’t Really Know What Good That Would Do-/ The Error Message Appears After About A Minute Or So. If I Click Don’t Send On The Error Message It Closes And Nothing Happens. From There I Can Press CTRL+ALT+DEL And Get The Task Manager. I Tried Running New Task Explorer.exe But Nothing Happens. Cant Really Get Anywhere Going That Route, But if I Run In Safe Mode And Try It A Window Pops Up Saying Something About you Are In Safe Mode, While That Window Is Up I Can Run It Again And Ill Get The Windows Explorer From There I Found The File It Was Running And Moved It To The Recycle Bin, Restarted And Nothing Happened, I Cant Get To The Recycle Bin Through Task Manager In Normal Mode, So I Restarted In Safe Mode And Got Windows Explorer Up From There I Can Get To The Recycle Bin I Restored It And Here I Am Don’t Really Know How To Fix This. If I Click "Click Here" On The Error Message That Pops Up I Can Click “Click Here” On The Second Option At The Bottom And That Will Also Pull Up Windows Explorer. I Can’t Do Searches For Files And I Can’t See Files And Folders On The Explorer Side This Makes Things Very Difficult For Fixing This Problem. I Have A Utility That Shows Programs That Start At Startup There Were Several That Had To Do With HP So I Temporarily Removed Them But Nothing Happened Different. I Also Noticed That The Location Of The File "HP Wireless Mgr" Was In Location With Laptop Utilities Don’t Really Know If That Means Anything. He Also Told Me That His Brother Installed AOL And It Went Crazy So His Brother Started Deleting It From Windows Explorer Instead Of Removing From Add And Remove. \- I Told Him To Burn Every AOL CD That He Gets In The Mail, That He Sees At Blockbusters Counters, And Any Other Place They Are.-/ Not A Big Fan Of AOL. So I Had To Deal With Reinstalling A Program I Hate And Uninstalling It Right. I Thought Maybe Ail Installed The HP Wireless Mgr But I Found Some Forums That People Has Had The Same Problem But I Never Seen The Solution.
Anyway I’ve Tried Some More Stuff But Can’t Really Remember. Very Frustrated

Can Some One Help!

Re: HP Wireless Mgr

What is the error message?
what file did you delete?

Without details it is hard to give good advice.

power off, then boot to safe mode,
run msconfig, uncheck everything in the startup tab.
restart and see what happens?