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HP4000 & USB?

Deena Gentle
Occasional Visitor

HP4000 & USB?

My present computer has two parallel ports, so I am able to use our HP 4000 on one port, and an Epson Color 800 routed through a Syquest SparQ1.0GB on the other port.

A new computer will have only one parallel port (argh!) -- I'm seeking solutions. One solution is to rig the Epson Color 800 to operate as USB. That leaves the HP4000, operating through the SparQ1.0GB. I think I tried hooking the HP4000 through the SparQ before, and had some problems with code pages printing at start up -- and other things that escape me at the moment, including possible postscript issues. So using HP4000 and SparQ together on the one parallel port is not my optimum solution.

Can HP4000 be rigged to operate USB?? Other suggestions?? This is a small micrsoft network setup.

Thank you
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: HP4000 & USB?

Hi Deena,

Have you tried the Printers forum? We just setup a new Printers forum for these kinds of questions. This is a printer or hardware specific question and this forum is for Microsoft software support issues. Your best bet on getting an answer would be in the printer forum. Unfortunately, I can't move your message over there so you will need to repost it.

Just click on the Forums button on the left and you will be presented with all of the available forums. Click on Printers and post your question.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Mark H Smith

Re: HP4000 & USB?


The product you are looking for is called the HP JetDirect Connectivity Card. (Part # J4135A )
JetDirect Connectivity Card - Has One USB Port, One Serial (DB9) Port and One LocalTalk Port - Plugs in the accessory slot on your 4000 Printer.
To order direct from HP, visit
or, call 1-800-227-8164.
Good Luck !

M Smith, HP LaserJet support