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HPLJ6P - lots of probs with Office 2000

Taylor Mel
Occasional Visitor

HPLJ6P - lots of probs with Office 2000

We migrated to office 2000 last year and all of the 6P's in the building
experience different problems, some are losing characters off the page, this
can be fixed with replacing the 6p driver with LJ5Si PCL e driver, but this
driver in turn then creates a whole new batch of problems, specifically HP.drv
and .dll's causing invalid page fault and general protection errors. Anyone
got ideas ideas, also now they won't seem to print from first available tray
(it's either manual feed or tray 1) you can't chop and change which is dumb as
mostly letterhead is in the MF tray with plain A4 in Tray 1
John Varde
Occasional Visitor

Re: HPLJ6P - lots of probs with Office 2000

I too have had lots of problems with Office 2000, Windows 98 SE, and my HP 6P, mostly with WordPerfect. Have you found any solution? The Corel people claim that it's the fault of the printer driver, but that seems like a cop out. What I can't figure out is how come everything worked great with WP 7 and Windows 95 with the same printer? The Corel people say they improved WP (and now it doesn't work!) No wonder Gates & company are taking over the world.