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Have windows 98 problem

Ramon Rodriguez
Occasional Visitor

Have windows 98 problem

Hi, i dont know too much about computers, well maybe a lil. anyways i have a compaq presario 5465 with windows 98. i turn it on red compaq logo appears then the windows loading with the blue sky in the background comes up. and then screen turns black and nothing happens. cant get to my desktop windows 98 doesn't load . all there is is a black blank screen.

i checked out the help archives. but all the suggestions there did not work.

please help.
Shelley Bhalla
Frequent Advisor

Re: Have windows 98 problem

i am not sure if you can go into the safe mode.

try this to go into the safe mode.

1. the moment you turn on the computer keep tapping the F8 key, if you are able to get the advance options menu select safe mode and hit enter. get into safe mode and see if you sucessfully getinto the safe mode.

if you cannot:
1. you need to run the setup/recovery.

If you can:
In safe mode itself click start->run & type msconfig -> click ok
2. In system configuration utility unchekc all static vxd and all startup items, click apply and restart computer. see if it comes on.

if it does : try the hit and trial method to corner the application or entry which is causing the error.

if it does not :
1. you need to run the setup/recovery.
Ramon Rodriguez
Occasional Visitor

Re: Have windows 98 problem

thanx for all your help guys. i just got off the phone with a microsoft technician. after 4 hours of inputting codes into command promt only and rebooting computer about 70 times and reinstalling the entire win98OS . i got it up and running. by the 3rd hour the technician was asking me if he could go use the bathroom and get a drink as well. i made that poor guy work. oh well thats why they get paid.

thanx again all!