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Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot

Carol A. Koenig
Occasional Visitor

Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot


My system is 433 mhz, 96 mg RAM with Win 98 second edition. Everything was working fine until I install the drivers for an HP Deskjet 722C. I downloaded the most current driver off the HP web. Now, it seems like something is spinning in the background and it seems to be eating up resources.
I go online and then sign off. If I try to go back online again, it says my modem is busy. Something is not releasing my modem properly.
I did a bootlog.txt on one of the reboots; It is getting an error 16 on several of the fonts which are not loading successfully. The system also hangs up when I print.
When I try to do a restart, I get the "end task" window. I select "end task" and then nothing more happens. I choose "Shut Down" from the Start menu. I get the end task again, and I select end task -- nothing happens. I end up having to do a cold shutdown. Never had this problem until recently with this operating system.

I am suspecting a device conflict with my Iomega backup system (zip drive using the Iomega tape backup software)Or maybe it's the sound card drivers. How would you proceed to diagnose and the solve this problem? Do you have an older driver for this HP printer that may not conflict inside my system?


Steven Sauve
Occasional Visitor

Re: Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot

There's a few things I would try. First off run a scan disk to make sure you're systems clean. Then check near the clock on your task bar, see if there are any new backgroud processes running. Try killing off any new ones. After this check to see if anything got added to your startup menu, pull anything new out of there and try restarting. If none of that helps try uninstalling the new driver (oh and make sure it's for Win98). That about does it for what I can think of on the software side.
On the hardware side, try plugging in the printer w/o the Zip. I've seen a problem with some HP printers that if it doesn't see the printer the software goes nutty.
Hope some of this helps.
Carol A. Koenig
Occasional Visitor

Re: Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot

Thank you for your help... I will give your suggestion a try. I've a few of them; you have me a few I haven't done.
I have put a second LPT into this system; one for the printer and one for the zip drive. This also has a SCSI Jazz Drive. As well as a sound card and modem. Fun Fun with balancing interrupts.
I've heard somewhere that certain HP printer drivers go into a loop which eat up resources. I've asked HP for an older driver via their forum -- though they don't have one for the Deskjet 722C. We will see if I get an answer back.
I am also going to up date the virus protection software. We may have a bug.
Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot

Is your 722C the only device connected to the parallel port, or is connected to an additional device that is hooked directly to the pc? Anyother devices using IRQ 7?

Anyhow, If you suspect it may be a problem w/ the ZipDrive I would disconnect the ZipDrive and see how it affects the printer.

best of luck!
Scott Laws
Regular Advisor

Re: Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot

try reverting back to the older driver supplied with the printer, if this clears up the problem let me know, I might have other drivers for you to try.

what? no cheese?
Dennis Ng
Regular Advisor

Re: Help -- Lost about what to do next; Won't warm boot


Please do a backup of your system.dat and user.dat files.

If you have backup them before installing the printer, you may want to replace your current ones with them to get your system to what it was when it was fine.

THEN from there, you may want to try out the solutions. And revert back when the frustration comes in. ELSE, the anguish is really bad if you can't revert back to original state. (I think all would agree! :)
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