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How do I Get To ECP Mode On My Paralell Port?

Dareus Wynn
Occasional Contributor

How do I Get To ECP Mode On My Paralell Port?

I just bought a mp3 player and it hooks up to the computer through the paralell port but it needs to be in Ecp mode and it is not listed under ports need help please!!!


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Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I Get To ECP Mode On My Paralell Port?


this seems to be a question for the PC forum, but here goes:

I think on most PCs, ECP feature has to be enabled on bios level. You should go into the bios upone startup und navigate to extended configuration and something like "integrated peripherials".

You should select LPT1 and get a menu with a couple of entries for the mode you liek to run.

Hope this helps
John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: How do I Get To ECP Mode On My Paralell Port?

Exactly, hit that darn old whatever key (it depends on your BIOS which one it is, sometime F1) and go into the hardware config.

Don't change anything else, but find the ports section and it will list the parallel ports. Change the LPT1 port to ECP, save the config and boot.
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Re: How do I Get To ECP Mode On My Paralell Port?

i have an mp3 player that does that too. luckily my printer uses that anyway so i have the right mode. but i found that out after going into the bios.

i happen to have been using computers longer than most of my friends, so i always get called on to help when anything goes wrong.

BIOS key generally seems to be F1 or F3. i have also seen ESC used. my suggestion is to start your monitor first and then your pc. that way you have the monitor up so you can see the key it tells you to hit during start up. mine takes long enough to start up my comp has finished checking the ram by the time it loads.

most want you to tell it to go to BIOS before it finished checking the ram you have. once in the BIOS be extremely careful not to change anythng. i have had some friends require i resurrect their computer becuase they added one and didn't know how they got it to stop booting because they weren't careful.

since each BIOS is differnt, unless you tell us which one you use, we can't give you more information. if you tell us which one it is and i have access to seeing the same one, then if there's a further problem i can help. otherwise i'll be at a loss since i'm not there.

good luck and have fun with it.