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How to change JPG files back to JPEG

James Kimbrough
Occasional Visitor

How to change JPG files back to JPEG

I was messing around the icons that have the windows graphic on them, the ones
that ask what program to "open with", and now all my JPEG files with the paint
brushes and picture frames on them got turned into JPG files with the apple on
them. How do I change the JPG files back to JPEG files? Please help soon, I'm
working on a paper for school.
Phil Malencsik_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to change JPG files back to JPEG

It sounds like a program association problem. Here is how to change it:

If you open "my computer" then the C: drive. On the top menu bar, Click on
View > options > file types. You should then see "registered file types",
locate "JPEG image" in the list and click edit. When the "edit file type"
window opens, click on "open" under the "actions" window at the bottom then
click "edit". At this point you should be able to change the application that
is associated with that program.

Hope this helps,