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Hp tv tuner and pvr

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Hp tv tuner and pvr

How do I install and use the TV Tuner and Personal Video Recorder for my Pavillion dv1227us notebook?
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Re: Hp tv tuner and pvr

Nicholas and Pat:

I saw your question and answers and wanted to follow-up. I just purchased a dv1227us over the weekend at compusa - they included the tv tuner/pvr bundle with my laptop as well (i'm not sure if that's where you purchased yours). However, being the laptop novice that I am, i did not realize that the tv tuner/pvr is incompatable with not only my version of windows (it came pre-installed with XP, not media center), but also the laptop in general (I don't think I have the a/v inputs to use the tv tuner) - am i missing something here, or is that faulty advertising to include a bundle that is not even possible to work with your laptop?

Please help if you can, and advise on what i should do (I've already sent an email to CompUSA asking them why they would make me pay/include this when it's impossible for me to use it).
Thanks in advance,

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