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IP printing too HP LJ5MP from Win95

Torben Edelskov
Occasional Visitor

IP printing too HP LJ5MP from Win95

I'm working on a small pier-pier net and I'w like too submit the printing jobs from our Win95 workstations too our HP LJ 5MP using IP print.
But what shall I do??
- How do I config my Win95 workstations soo they can print direct too the LJ5's JetDirect port??

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Mike McKinlay
Honored Contributor

Re: IP printing too HP LJ5MP from Win95

You need JetAdmin ...

you can find it here

but you also need a TCP/IP port to connect to. Does the printer have a JetDirect card?

A workaround would be to set up the printer directly connecting to one of your Win95 systems, then share it to the other systems.
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Dwain Erhart
Occasional Advisor

Re: IP printing too HP LJ5MP from Win95

Sorry to be a pain - but - what is your TCP/IP address on your network? Use a subnet mask and assign an IP address to the Jetdirect card that coincides with your subnet, then make sure that all your computers fall into that address range. You should be able to add a network printer then on each win95 computer and see it. - You will have to install drivers as well.
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