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Install XP Professional on Pavilion k736 ?

Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Install XP Professional on Pavilion k736 ?

Hi all,

i bought a Pavilion with an AMD64 3200+ and a 200GB Harddisk. As this one came with a preloaded XP Home i tried to install XP Professional.

but with no successs.

First thing i recognized is that the 200 GB HD is not correctly recognized by the XP Pro setup. It shows a HD with only 130 GB space.

Also i can't create a new partition on this harddisk so i formated the 130 GB setup recognized with NTFS.

After this setup copies some files to the new partition and suddenly without any message on the screen reboots.

Then it boots again to the installation CD and tells me that its ready to install XP Professional. When i now try to install it recognizes a formated partition copies some files and reboots and so on.

Has anyone experienced such a behavior? What do i need to do? Any hints?

Regards Stefan
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Craig Roberts_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Install XP Professional on Pavilion k736 ?

Hey, Stefan,

I saw something similar to this scenario before and it turned out that the hard drive needed to be replaced.

You obviously have access to a working PC, since you posted here, so go to the web site of the HD manufacturer and download their diagnostic utility to test it.

Let us know if you need further assisatance with this.

Good luck!


Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Re: Install XP Professional on Pavilion k736 ?

Hi Craig,

thanks for your input. but it turnde out it was a faulty installation that caused this.

Hi again,

thanks to your input i think im on the way of solving my problem.

First i think the problem started with my XP Pro version not supporting bigger harddisks. So the partition i created didn't work.

What i did so far:

-used my XP Home Installation CD to delete all previous created partition
-created a new smaller partition with XP Home
-aborted the Home installation befor files were copied.
-started XP Pro installation and installed to the new, smaller partition (that worked)
-installed SP2

Now i am up and running and in the process of installing all the Tools and Software i need.

Regards Stefan
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