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Is there 80GB HD support for Omnibook Xe3-GC

Kevin Argudin
Occasional Visitor

Is there 80GB HD support for Omnibook Xe3-GC

Q: Does the 1.63 BIOS support 80GB drives?
Exact Drive Fugitsu Model: MHT2080AT
When I replace the Standard hard drive with a larger one the Disk drive "Hunts" and never finds the drive. I understand that the drive could be dammaged but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a software issue befor sending the drive back.

This issue does not occure with a 60GB (Fujitsu Model MHT2060AT) drive Fujitsu and I have updated to the latest BIOS Version.

Thanks in advance for the help
Ganesh Babu
Honored Contributor

Re: Is there 80GB HD support for Omnibook Xe3-GC

i believe there is no HD support for 80GB. 60GB is the max..