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Issue with Speakers on your HP laptop

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Issue with Speakers on your HP laptop

Some times my laptop speakers would die for no reason. later I realized that my notbook used to detect headphones hence no sound from speakers. As a workaround plugin and plug out headphones couple of time.
Vicky Singh
Robert S. Carr
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Re: Issue with Speakers on your HP laptop


Sounds like the contacts on the inside of the headphone jack are dirty. Once resistance builds up on the contacts, the computer may confuse this as headphones being connected to the machine.

You can clean the contacts with alcohol or dedicated electronics cleaner but use caution when devising a device to stick into the headphone jack. You don't want whatever you stick into the jack to be stuck in there.

A suitable device could be a makeup eyeliner brush. It is sturdy with ridged brissles and small enough to fit into the headphone jack. Be sure to clean it of all makeup using a good degreaser, like dish detergent. Once dry, you can soak it with alcohol and see if it will fit into the jack. If a lot of force is requied to get the brush in, abandon the idea. If the brush gets stuck inside, you'll have a new problem to deal with.

Good luck.

Archunan Muthiah
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Re: Issue with Speakers on your HP laptop


try these all mothods...

1: Verify speaker connections
2: Check volume and mute settings
3: Use System Restore
4: Install or reinstall the sound driver 5: Disable digital audio playback
6: Install updated Firmware (BIOS)

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Re: Issue with Speakers on your HP laptop

Its not a software problem. I cleaned the headphone jacked and it worked well.