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Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418

Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418


I am using OminiBook XE3 GC model and nowadays I am facing one serious keyboard problem, sometimes (Not consistently) more than 12 keys doesn???t work for the keyboard. It seems it???s loose connection problem. I used HP diagnostic tool to find out the root cause and it gave me error saying that ???System Test Failed??? with following error???

[KBD : Scan/Ascii Code Test]
TEST STARTED 03/16/2003 12:51:26
TEST FAILED 03/16/2003 12:51:38
The Keyboard Test failed!
Error Code : 0418

How do I resolve this problem? Can someone guide me?
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John Bolene
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Re: Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418

Run, don't walk, to your nearest repair place.

Either the cable on your keyboard is loose or you have spilled something and caused the keyboard to malfunction.

Do not even think about taking a laptop apart and fixing it yourself unless you are experienced in doing this, there are so many small screws and parts, that you will never get it back together correctly.
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Re: Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418

Hello Tushar again,

It's been awhile. However, if you really need fast support from this Forums then you need to go back to your previous questions and assign points for those who invested their time to help you before.Otherwise, do not expect that they'll help you again.
In regard of your problem, you need maintenance for the keyboard, like cleaning it first. Also, consider updating your OS(not sure what version you are running).Also, go here and download the diagnostic tools as well as other drivers:
Off course, you need to select your OS.

Thanks and good luck.
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Re: Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418


First of all I am apologies for delay in assigning points to the earlier replays. Last week I couldn???t able to bring my laptop to the office due to some personal reasons and because of that I couldn???t able to apply the solutions provided by HP forum group.

I am very much impressed by the HP Forum Group for their quick and correct response.

Correct me if I am wrong -- 10 is the maximum points we can assign to the correct solution

I will check HP services in our area for the maintenance.

About your second suggestion ???consider updating your OS??? . Currently I am using 98 OS and if you remember, earlier I posted one problem in HP forum ???Not able to start the programs??? problem. I was getting this problem after the win2000 installation so I preferred to go back and installed 98 by using recovery CD. So this problem is still open and I am still scared to upgrade 2000 because of this issue ???


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Re: Keyboard problem : Error Code : 0418

Hello MS. Tushar again,

What I mean by consider updating your OS. Go to and apply all the patches/critical updates. You might have to reboot several times till you make sure the Critical updates option is grayed.Means, nothing left in the windows update.

Also, you are right about the points. Points system is to determine who has provided the magic answer for future reference by other users.
Please consider going through your questions and assigning points as well as closing the threads.
"Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching"/ My first point was given by SEP on January 31, 2003