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Cheng Luo_1


My computer (HP, OmniBook XE3) has being used for almost 3 years now, it is not bad in general (such as fast). But the keyboard has been all the time bother a little. actually I have to use external keyboard in many time.

The keyboard in the begining were only 3 problem keys, but more and more keys start to have problems, of course some times all keys function correctly as well.

Now I just wonder if this is a common problem in laptop computer, or it is a unusual.

You know I am thinking to buy a new one, it is very important to have such opionin.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Keyboard


I would recommend disconnecting the cable from the keyboard the the system board, gently cleaning it, and re-connecting it.

Other than that, it may be necessary to replace the keyboard.

Make a great day!

Kim Torkelson
Respected Contributor

Re: Keyboard

I was once asked to replace a faulty keyboard for an end user, and it turned out to have a small metal tube rolling around under the keys... Are you sure your keyboard is clean under the keys?
Best of luck.
charles k. norman
Honored Contributor

Re: Keyboard

Kim, I agree and maybe some foreign object was there from new and is rolling around. There maybe other possibilities and thus I am suggesting that our friend who has asked the question re-posts it to the following link for the omnibooks so that others who may have encountered the same problem can share their experience and solutions.

Good luck Luo

Best Regards
Nagendra Upadhya
Frequent Advisor

Re: Keyboard


To my knowledge the problem in the keyboard, mainly
when there is a dust on the conectivity of the key
when it is moved around too much or if eversense the laptop has kept on the desk very badly, because the internal components of the keyboard gets diturbed.

Even keys go bad when it is struck too badly.
these are some common issues

Just check wheather the keyboard has dust
else take to the nearest service centre
if u r not sure u can do it by yourself
the service center agents will fix the problem.