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Laptop locked in "network" mode

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Laptop locked in "network" mode


I have been given a second hand Pavillion Laptop.

Previosuly, it was used as an enterprise laptop, so it has been set up to login to a domain at the company where it was originally from. The OS is Windows NT.

The laptop is set up to not allow local logi, only networked, either directly via the network port, or via a modem.

I have the username and passowrd for the computer, but there is no option to select a local login.

I can not login to the company network as it has now gone bankrupt, hence why I have one of their computers. Even if it was around, I would still not want to/ or be allowed to, login.

The laptop seems ideal, and I do like NT being installed, as it would let me use the standard MS Office + Visio on the train without being the size and complexity of Win2K or XP.

Would anyone know how this "networked only" login is invoked? I.e registry keys, scripts etc? Also, if there is a way of re-setting it back to the standard, where I can re-set a password and login locally?

I have full copies of NTFS DOS and ERD, but they do not seem to be of use with this problem.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Laptop locked in "network" mode

Hi, Rob,

The seller should have wiped the disk before selling.

Files you should remove before you donate or sell your computer:

â ¢ E-mail contacts

â ¢ E-mail messages

â ¢ All documents

â ¢ All files in the operating system recycle bin or trash folder

â ¢ Internet files

â ¢ All non-transferable software (most software is transferable if you have the original disks and product key)

If you've got the original disks, use one of these utilities to wipe and reinstall.

Active Kill Disk

Disk Cleaner,fid,20100,00.asp

Sure Delete

Are you aware they've retired Windows NT4.0?
Michael Dillman
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Re: Laptop locked in "network" mode

I would suggest purchasing a copy of Windows XP, you should be able to boot to the disk, if not, you can get into setup and set the cd as the primary boot device. You can then format the drive and install the new operating system.
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