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Laserjet 1100a communication loss using JetAdmin

Tim Malnati
Honored Contributor

Laserjet 1100a communication loss using JetAdmin

I have a Laserjet 1100a printer (with scanner option) connected to the network using a JetDirect 300X interface. HP JetAdmin is installed and is used for network connectivity to this printer using TCP/IP. When I first install the HP printer and scanner software, everything works fine. But it seems if I do any kind of software install on a configured machine, I loose spooler communication with JetAdmin. JetAdmin shows that communication over the network with the printer is fine and diagnostics show increasing heartbeat packet counts, etc. It appears that print jobs go to the spooler and just hang there. If I attempt to delete the spool job, it requires that I reboot the machine before it is actually removed.

This is a problem on both NT and 98 machines (same symptoms). There are other printers on the network that allow spooling and printing through JetAdmin just fine. Reinstalling the print driver alone does not correct the situation. The only thing that works so far is to completely uninstall and reinstall all of the printer and scanner software for the 1100a. Needless to say, this is less than an adequate solution.
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Laserjet 1100a communication loss using JetAdmin

Hi Tim,

Sorry you're having trouble. I believe the network printing forum would be able to shed some light on this for you. Here's the link to the User Community Forums. Sign in and then follow the links to Network Printing.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes