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Re: Laserjet 2100TN

Gilberto Costa
New Member

Laserjet 2100TN

when I print an old document of office 97 to the printer HP2100TN to tray 3
(first tray counting from the bottom) sends the document to tray 1 (manual
feed). This only happens in Word 97, but if i make a new document prints in the
correct tray.
I?ve alredy instaled the latest drivers for this printer but they diden't
solved anything.
In any other office program she prints in the correct tray.
I've talked to HP staff in Portugal, but they could?nt help me in this
the number of the process is 1323094236.
I have urgency in this problem.
Waiting for your awnser in a short time.

Best regards
Gilberto Kosta :P
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Laserjet 2100TN

Hi Gilberto,

I've found something you can try.

Open up the document in question and go to File, Page Setup, then click the
Paper Source tab. You can select the paper source in the First page or other
pages boxes. In the Apply To box, select the Whole Document, then click OK.

If other documents are printing correctly with the exception of one, you could
always try creating a new document and then pasting in the info from the old

Please post another message and let us know how it's going.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes