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MS Exchange 5.5 forms

Antonio Valle_1
Honored Contributor

MS Exchange 5.5 forms


I want to integrate my helpdesk application with MS Exchange 5.5 using forms. The main idea is to create a for called "Service Request" the will be used by the final user to request some services from the HelpDesk people. Then, an automatic agent at the Exchange server should execute a VBS script that collects the fields in the form and execute an external command passing the fields as parameters.

Does anybody has any VBS example to do this kind of things?

Thanks in advance!
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: MS Exchange 5.5 forms

Hello Antonio,

There are some sample applications on your Exchange CD and I believe there is a sample helpdesk form. You may need to install them if you didn't install the sample forms when you installed Exchange.

Another good place to check when you want some in-depth Exchange information or code / application samples, is the Exchange server application farm.

The Exchange Technet homepage also has some good information, sample code, etc. There is an excellent white paper called "MS Exchange Forms Designer Fundamentals" that would be good to read. Also look for "Building MS Exchange and Outlook Solutions". It has a good example of extending Outlook using forms and vbs for a helpdesk application.

"Extending MS Exchange Forms" is probably one of the best papers for what you are trying to do.

Most of that info can also be found in the Backoffice Resource Kit.

Sorry I do not have any code I have written that I could post here. I don't want to post the Microsoft or other user supplied samples here since they are all available for free at the Microsoft site. Check out your sample applications included with Exchange and read the above referenced articles at the Exchange Technet site and I think it will help you out.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes